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hand, chest stuck out, proud, magnificent, com-
manding, in the Manifesto. But go and look for
them yourself in the streets. Go and look at them
in Russia.
Even for 1848 this is not intelligent social
analysis. It is the outpouring of a man with a
B in his bonnet, the hated Bourgeoisie, a man with
a certain vision, uncritical of his own sub-con-
scious prejudices, but shrewd enough to realise
how great a driving force is hate and the in-
feriority complex. Shrewd enough to use hate
and bitter enough to hate. Let anyone read over
that Communist Manifesto and consider who
might have shared the hate or even have got it
all, if Marx had not been the son of a rabbi.
Read Jews for Bourgeoisie and the Manifesto
is pure Nazi teaching of the 1933-8 vintage.
Stripped down to its core in this fashion, the
primary falsity of the Marxist assumption is
evident. But it is one of the queer common
weaknesses of the human mind to be uncritical
of primary assumptions and to smother up any
enquiry into their soundness in secondary elabora-
tion, in technicalities and conventional formulae.
Most of our systems of belief rest upon rotten
foundations, and generally these foundations
are made sacred to preserve them from attack.
They become dogmas in a sort of holy of holies.